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SubjectRE: Question about sched_yield()

On Tue, 18 Jun 2002 wrote:

> However, I am not aware of any alternative to communicate what I really
> want to the scheduler, and here's why. If anyone has ideas on how to do
> this better, please, I'm all ears.
> It's basically about spinlocks and the cost of task switching.
> I'm trying to implement "smart" spinlocks.

the right solution for you are the new ultra-fast kernel-helped,
user-space semaphores. Those are kernel objects where the semaphore data
structure is accessible to user-space as well. Acquiring the semaphore in
the no-contention case is very cheap, it's basically a single assembly
instruction. In the contention case you'll enter the kernel and schedule

(in the sched_yield() case you schedule away just as much in the
contention case, so there isnt any difference.)

for shortlived but contended locks this mechanism can be improved a bit by
looping 'some more' on the lock before entering the kernel and blocking -
but it could also be a loss if the amount of additional looping is too
long or too short. Since the O(1) scheduler context-switches in under 1
microsecond on a 1 GHz box, and has no SMP interlocking and cache-trashing
problems, you'll still get 1 million context switches per second, per CPU.
And this is the 'slow' case.


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