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SubjectRe: Oops from EMU10K1 (2.4.18 and CVS version)
On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Justin S. Peavey wrote:

> Noticed using maseq (MainActor) application, all attempts to use audio
> caused the application to crash when opening the /dev/dsp device and
> generated an oops (see oops1). Based on the oops error generated
> (kernel BUG at audio.c:1474!) and a posting from Rui ("Re: Oops in
> emu10k1 driver", 01 Apr 2002), I upgraded to the latest CVS version of
> emu10k1.

This one was fixed in kernel 2.4.19-pre8.

> After CVS upgrade, the application now plays about a half-second of
> audio then crashes again with a different Oops message (see oops2).
> Strace shows the application now crashing while writing to the sound
> device. Just to be experimental, I applied the 2.4 patch sitting in
> the docs area of the CVS tree, recompiled, installed and re-tested -
> same problem (see oops3).
> Any suggestions on where to go next with this?

Can you try and install 2.4.19-pre10 with the included emu10k1?
I suspect you are just hitting a driver miscompilation problem when
compiling the module outside the kernel tree (somehow not using the
correct compile options...) since the crash is inside

Rui Sousa

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