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SubjectRE: Question about sched_yield()

>> This neither says nor implies anything about CPU usage. It simply says
>>the current thread will yield and be put at the end of the list.
>If so, please enlighten me as to when, why, and what for you would use

Generally because you can't do something until some other thread/process
does something, so you give it a chance to finish immediately before trying
something a more expensive way.

>If willingly and knowingly relinquinshing a CPU does not make it possible
>for other processes to use what would otherwise have been your very own
>of processing time then what could it be used for, I really wonder.

It does! That's what it's for.

>Second, I have tried to run my misconception on various other OS'es I have
>access to:Win2k, Mac OSX and OpenBSD, and suprinsingly enough, all of them
>seem to be sharing my twisted views of How Things Should Be (tm).

Just because they do what you naively expect doesn't validate your


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