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    SubjectRe: Dual Athlon 2000 XP MP nightmare
    Steve Cole wrote:
    > I'm not sure that what I'm experiencing is a kernel problem, but I thought
    > I would stick my foot in the door nonetheless, since I have no real
    > indication of what is going on.
    > I have a dual Athlon 2000+ XP MP system. It's crashing very frequently and
    > looks to be getting worse. It seems to crash less with 2.4.19pre10-ac2
    > which supports the 760 bus and 744x IDE controller, but with something that
    > is as intermittent as this, who can tell?
    > Machine specs:
    > ASUS A7M266-D motherboard, 1006 BIOS rev.
    > 2GB ECC registered memory
    > 4 x 15K RPM Seagate UltraSCSI drives
    > 2 x 2960 (AIC7892 rev 2) controllers
    > 2 x 3C59x 3Com ethernet controllers
    > !USB card to free up IRQs (removed later)
    > 400W power supply
    > 240W power supply driving two of the hard drives + CD ROM
    > Budget vid card
    > 2 drives partitioned 30%/70%, 30% mirrored together for boot, 70% mirrored
    > in RAID 0+1 with other drives
    > I get EIP errors and Null pointer exception errors during full kernel
    > panics. I've had a lot of file system corruption in ReiserFS originally and
    > now in EXT2, both fixable though Reiser seemed worse. Uptime is measured in
    > hours - usually 12 or more, sometimes two or three.
    > I can't come up with any reasons for this that point at the kernel, but on
    > the other hand, nothing is ever logged regarding SCSI I/O problems (verbose
    > logging turned on in kernel with extra queue checks). I've replaced the
    > > memory to no avail, and updated the BIOS' of both motherboard and Adaptec
    > cards. No memory errors are logged and one pass of memtest86 found no
    > memory errors.
    > Yet, the machine crashes semi-randomly (load seems to play some part in
    > this) and often crashes during the shutdown/reboot phase if it's run
    > reliably for a few hours.
    > If it's hardware for sure, please just indicate that and I'll move on. I'm
    > getting semi-desperate. :(

    First make sure you have MP cpus NOT XP's. The XP's are not certified by amd to run
    SMP. Second, try append="mem=nopentium" in your lilo.conf file. I have a dual 1900+ MP
    box and without that I have random lockups also.

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