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    SubjectRe: Arkeia Back + v2.4.18
    > Are you using the 'free' version?  

    No, the commercial/licensed 4.2.10-1.

    > What type of SCSI controller and SCSI tape drive do you have?

    Good old 53c810 rev 01 and Exabyte Mammoth EXB-8900.
    The tape shares SCSI bus with one SCSI disk (this
    machine is equipped with just one disk, an old Seagate
    Barracuda ST32550N). I believe we're sometimes pushing
    this hardware up to its limits when backing up fast
    machines over a switched 100Mbps. No errors though.

    > My problem could be in the AIC7XXXX driver using my 29160 card.

    Can't tell, I have never used Arkeia in real world setups
    with an Adaptec card. For tests, yes, but not in a prodution


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