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    SubjectRe: File permission problem with NFSv3 and 2.5.20-dj4
    On Fri, Jun 14, 2002 at 05:30:01PM -0500, Brent Cook wrote:

    > Looks like there is a problem with NFSv3 and file permissions in the DJ
    > kernels.
    > A file that is marked as executable will lose its executable flag whenever
    > it is written to. I suspect the proble lies in the changes to the NFS file
    > info cacheing in the DJ kernels at least since 2.5.20-dj1 (I was unable
    > to find where this change occured in the changelog).

    The NFS changes need going over. I'll see whats left after backing out
    Trond's READDIRPLUS patch. I'm expecting it to be just some small bits
    like BKL shifting around, but that shouldn't be causing the problems
    you saw..


    | Dave Jones.
    | SuSE Labs
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