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SubjectRe: [PATCH] [2.5.21] CyberPro 32bit support and other fixes
On Sat, Jun 15, 2002 at 12:55:47PM +0200, Denis Oliver Kropp wrote:
> > > There's no speed benefit and
> > > applications running in true/direct color would look wrong.
> >
> > For userland no but for the kernel we do have a benifiet.
> There's no speed benefit if you write "index|index|index" into the
> framebuffer instead of "red|green|blue".

You're actually asking the wrong question. "Why is there such a thing as
directcolor" would be a better question. After all, if there's no "speed
benefit" when why do manufacturers bother implementing it?

Could it be because it allows colours to be dynamically allocated? Given
a "good enough" allocator which looks over your complete colour usage, you
could probably make better use of the available colours than truecolor

Russell King ( The developer of ARM Linux

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