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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.21 IDE 88

Tue Jun 11 02:30:03 CEST 2002 ide-clean-88

- Bunch of cleanups by Bartlomiej (accounts for over a half of the patch):

- kill SPLIT_BYTE() macro
- kill wrappers for cmd64x_config_drive_for_dma()
- misc cleanups

- kill obsolete comments
- clean cy82c693_tune_drive() and calc_clk()
- misc cleanups

- kill obsolete comment
- kill SPLIT_BYTE()
- kill hpt34x_clear_chipset()
- simplify hpt34x_tune_drive()

- kill hpt_min_rev()
- kill redundant hpt368_tune_chipset() and hpt374_tune_chipset()
- fix badlists checking in config_chipset_for_dma()
- misc cleanups

- clean registers decoding
- clean pdc202xx_tune_chipset()
- kill pdc202xx_udma_irq_status(), use generic udma_pci_irq_status()
- rationalize pdc202xx_reset()
- kill UDMA_SPEED_FLAG() and PDC_CLOCK() macros,
do it right by defining constants PDC_UDMA and PDC_CLK
- kill init_high_16() inline, no need to hide internals
- clean pdc202xx_init_chipset()
- split ata66_pdc202xx() and pdc202xx_init_chipset()
- clean config_chipset_for_dma()
- misc cleanups

- Fix plug in of CF cards. The previously used sub device driver attach method
lookup was entirely hosed.

- Enforce indentation style on ide-cs.c. Enable debugging there. (Makes the
patch quite big...)

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