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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.21 IDE 87
Martin Dalecki wrote:
> U¿ytkownik John Weber napisa³:
>> Martin Dalecki wrote:
>>> Sun Jun 9 15:31:56 CEST 2002 ide-clean-87
>>> - Sync with 2.5.21
>>> - Don't call put_device inside idedisk_cleanup(). This is apparently
>>> triggering
>>> some bug inside the handling of device trees. Or we don't register
>>> the device
>>> properly within the tree. Check this later.
>>> - Further work on the channel register file access locking. Push the
>>> locking
>>> out from __ide_end_request to ide_end_request. Rename those
>>> functions to
>>> respective __ata_end_request() and ata_end_request().
>>> - Move ide_wait_status to device.c rename it to ata_status_poll().
>>> - Further work on locking scope issues.
>>> - devfs showed us once again that it changed the policy from agnostic
>>> numbers
>>> to unpleasant string names. What a piece of crap!
>> FYI, this latest cleanup fixes the oops I reported earlier...
>> not that anyone cared :).
> Please just don't expect an e-mail reply on every single
> error report. Me beeing silent means sometimes that I'm just busy
> fixing it...

I was mostly joking about the fact that no one else on the list seemed
to run into the error. I think you did more than your part when you
released IDE 87... I posted to the list as a way of "cancelling" the bug

I apologize for the ill-planned joke... <TOTAL JOKE>I realize that
touchy bitch syndrome seems to be running rampant on LKML this
season</TOTAL JOKE>.

-o) J o h n W e b e r

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