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SubjectRe: [PATCH, TRIVIAL] Fix argument of BLKGETSIZE64
>>>>> "David" == David Woodhouse <> writes:

David> said:
>> This issue is that when I try to use the BLKGETSZ64 ioctl from a
>> user space program, the version of linux/fs.h shipped with
>> glibc-2.2.5 contains a u64 type.

>> You could argue that this is a glibc bug.

David> I do indeed. I further argue that it has no business being
David> discussed on the kernel mailing list, just because the kernel
David> happens to have a header with a similar name.

The header in question *defines* the kernel to userspace interface.
As such it is a kernel issue. Any interface exposed to userspace must
use types that are common to userspace and the kernel. u64 is kernel
only, therefore has no business being used in an ioctl declaration.

Peter C
You are lost in a maze of BitKeeper repositories, all almost the same.

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