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SubjectRe: scheduler problems
On Wed, Jun 12, 2002 at 12:14:09AM -0700, Anjali Kulkarni wrote:
> > (given that the current 2.2 kernel is 2.2.21, the first thing would
> be to
> > test it there too.)
> >
> Thanks, I 'll do that.
> > > [...] It is due to the fact that the schedule() function does not
> find
> > > the 'current' process in the runqueue. [...]
> >
> > a crash in line 384 means that the runqueue got corrupted by
> something,
> > most likely caused by buggy kernel code outside of the scheduler.
> Right, I thought of that, but how is it that it gets corrupt at exactly
> the same offset in task_struct of that process and every time with
> different processes? (I have run it atleast 20-30 times). And it just
> doesnt come if I kill the process in question?

I've had similar problems when some code invalidated CPU cache
and an interrupt came in at the wrong time.

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