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SubjectRe: computer reboots before "Uncompressing Linux..." with 2.5.19-xfs
I had the exact same problem and few were able to help.  However, here's what 
I found was _my_ problem. I wasn't enabling the x86 options in the kernel
(duh!). Make sure that when you compile, you enable "Intel IA32 CPU
Microcode Support" and "Model Specific Register Support". What I ended up
doing was taking a stock RedHat .config file for i386 and looking at what
they did for their options and started to delete things from there that I
don't use or need. Eventually, I just learned what was necessary for a basic
i386 kernel. Although I was compiling for 2.4.17 kernel. Good luck, hope
this was of some help.


On Tuesday 11 June 2002 05:22 pm, xsdg wrote:
> Hola...
> I'm trying to get kernel 2.5.19-xfs working on one of my boxes... The box
> is a P200-MMX, currently running 2.5.7-xfs and using grub as the
> bootloader. Each time I try to boot the kernel, grub tells me...
> root (hd0,0)
> Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0x83
> kernel /boot/kernels/19.5.2k-xfs single
> [Linux-bzImage, setup=0x1400, size=0x134aff]
> Then, after a small pause, the box reboots (note: it does _not_ print
> "Uncompressing Linux..."). I have tried the following:
> 1) Compile the kernel, optimized for P-MMX, on another box (PII-350
> Deschutes) using gcc 2.95.4
> 2) Recompile bzImage
> 3) Recompile bzImage
> 4) Remove framebuffer support. Remove vid mode selection support.
> Optimize for Pentium-Classic. Recompile with everything else the same
> 5) Recompile on target box (gcc 2.95.4 also) with options the same as after
> #4
> All of my boxes are running Debian SID (not necessarily up-to-date). I
> asked a number of times in #kernelnewbies on OPN, to no avail. Any and all
> help would be greatly appreciated. (Please CC me in replies)
> --xsdg
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