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SubjectRe: 2.4.18 no timestamp update on modified mmapped files
On Wed, 12 Jun 2002, Andrew Morton wrote:
> A more serious form of data loss occurs when an application has a shared
> mapping over a sparse file. If the filesystem is out of space when
> the VM decides to write back some pages, your data simply gets dropped
> on the floor. Even a subsequent msync() won't tell you that you have
> a shiny new bunch of zeroes in your file.
> It's not simple to fix. Approaches might be:
> 1: Map the page to disk at fault time, generate SIGBUS on
> ENOSPC (the standards don't seem to address this issue, and
> this is a non-standard overload of SIGBUS).

I've looked at this issue in the past: it's a familiar problem
for various filesystems on various flavours of UNIX. Some of the
strangeness in tmpfs (shmem_recalc_inode, or ac's shmem_removepage)
can be traced to this issue, I believe. The filesystem does not
know when a clean page is dirtied, and somehow has to cope afterwards.

I believe your option 1 is closest to the right direction; and SIGBUS
is entirely appropriate, I don't see it as a non-standard overload.

But you didn't spell out the worst news on that option: read faults
into a read-only shared mapping of a file which the application had
open for read-write when it mmapped: the page must be mapped to disk
at read fault time (because the mapping just might be mprotected for
read-write later on, and the page then dirtied).

Most apps would have opened the file read-only anyway, and no
problem then. Perhaps it's acceptable to penalize those that don't;
but it does seem distasteful to have to desparsify a file when
accessing it through a read-only mapping.

What I wanted was a "wppage" method (I seem to recall stealing the
name from a different now defunct method) in vm_operations_struct:
int (*wppage)(struct vm_area_struct * area, struct page * page, int write_now);

This was called by do_no_page after calling FS nopage, when mapping
shared writable, the write_now flag true if write fault. If write_now,
FS wppage would return success if page already backed, or hole now backed,
and do_no_page would give write permission to the pte, failure SIGBUS;
if not write_now, FS wppage could decide for itself whether to back
hole now (success) or defer (failure, no SIGBUS, but write permission
withheld from pte). Code in do_wp_page to call FS wppage again if
shared mapping, to allocate if deferred. Code in mprotect_fixup to
withhold write permission from shared mapping if FS has wppage method.


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