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SubjectPROBLEM: Kernel Panic 2.4.18-6mdk after ATAPI Reset on reading bad CD-RW (repeatable)
I am not sure where to send this message and am hoping you can assist.

Problem description.

I have a CD-RW80 which contains a 650mb part of a zip archive which I
was attempting to restore.
(so much for backups :( )

When attempting to read a CD-RW (700mb) in my Sony CRX1611 IDE based CD
The CD-RW has a problem reading - I have no problems with this (other
than being annoyed), but when I use the following

dd conv=3Dnoerror if=3D/mnt/cdrom/Images.z01 or=3D~/images/Images.z01

dd reports lots of errors - this too is ok (since I figure I could
'bypass the missing section in the unpack'), until eventually the ATAPI
interface apparently resets.
Then the kernel thows a panic in the exception handler.

Initially it was simply hanging my X session - I tried doing the copy at
'init 2' level and this was when I noticed the panic.

I am able to reproduce this error at will - albeit a 5 minute turn
around time till the CD read gets to the 640mb mark where the problem

I do not know how to do a screen capture or where to find the panic
information - which I will gladly supply upon request, once I have been
given instructions on where to find it.

Feel free to talk technical - I am a C/Unix programmer of many years but
have had nothing to do with the kernel short of re-building it.

Mandrake 8.2 Standard Kernel version 2.4.18

Linux version 2.4.18-6mdk ( (gcc version
2.96 20000731 (Mandrake Linux 8.2 2.96-0.76mdk)) #1 Fri Mar 15 02:59:08
CET 2002

Find attached a Mandrake HardDrake Report file of the hardware


<?xml version="1.0"?>
<DEVICE VENDOR="GenuineIntel" MODEL="Pentium III (Katmai)" TYPE="cpu" BUS="Unknown" MODULE="Not Available" POS="0" FLAGS="[HAS_FPU:HAS_MMX]" BOGOMIPS="1104.28" BUGS="(none)" FREQ="553"/>
<DEVICE TYPE="memory" BUS="Unknown" MODULE="Not Available" POS="0" TOTAL="513868" FREE="160592" SHARED="0" BUFFERS="119008" CACHED="101516" SWAP_TOTAL="261496" SWAP_FREE="261496"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="ST38420A" TYPE="disk" BUS="ATAPI/IDE" MODULE="Not Available" DEV="/dev/hdd" POS="0" SIZE="16836120" CYLINDERS="1048" HEADS="255" SECTORS="63"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="WDC WD300BB-00AUA1" TYPE="disk" BUS="ATAPI/IDE" MODULE="Not Available" DEV="/dev/hdc" POS="0" SIZE="58633344" CYLINDERS="58168" HEADS="16" SECTORS="63"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="Maxtor 92049U6" TYPE="disk" BUS="ATAPI/IDE" MODULE="Not Available" DEV="/dev/hda" POS="0" SIZE="40017915" CYLINDERS="2491" HEADS="255" SECTORS="63"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="PNY/Data" MODEL="PNY/Datafab CF+S" TYPE="disk" BUS="SCSI" MODULE="Not Available" DEV="/dev/sda" POS="0" SIZE="2095104" CYLINDERS="1023" HEADS="64" SECTORS="32"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="1.44MB 3.5&quot;" TYPE="floppy" BUS="Floppy Drive Controller" MODULE="Not Available" DEV="/dev/fd0" POS="0"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="SONY CD-RW CRX1611" TYPE="cdrom" BUS="ATAPI/IDE" MODULE="ignore" DEV="/dev/hdb" POS="0"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="SONY" MODEL="CD-RW CRX1611" TYPE="cdrom" BUS="SCSI" MODULE="ignore" DEV="/dev/scd0" POS="0"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Realtek Semiconductor Co., Ltd." MODEL="RTL-8139" TYPE="ethernet" BUS="PCI" MODULE="rtl8139" POS="0" ID="10ec8139"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="nVidia Corporation" MODEL="GeForce DDR (generic) NV11" TYPE="video" BUS="PCI" MODULE="Not Available" POS="0" ID="00000000"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="VIA Technologies, Inc." MODEL="VT82C586 IDE [Apollo]" TYPE="ide" BUS="PCI" MODULE="ignore" POS="0" ID="11060571"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="VIA Technologies, Inc." MODEL="VT82C586B USB" TYPE="usb" BUS="PCI" MODULE="usb-uhci" POS="0" ID="11063038"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Ensoniq" MODEL="5880 AudioPCI" TYPE="sound" BUS="PCI" MODULE="es1371" POS="0" FLAGS="[]" ID="12745880"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="Unknown" TYPE="other" BUS="USB" POS="0" ID="045e0040"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="Unknown" TYPE="other" BUS="USB" POS="0" ID="04512046"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="Unknown" MODEL="Unknown" TYPE="other" BUS="USB" POS="0" ID="07c4a005"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="VIA Technologies, Inc." MODEL="VT82C691 [Apollo PRO]" TYPE="bridge" BUS="PCI" MODULE="ignore" POS="0" ID="11060691"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="VIA Technologies, Inc." MODEL="VT82C598 [Apollo MVP3 AGP]" TYPE="bridge" BUS="PCI" MODULE="ignore" POS="0" ID="11068598"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="VIA Technologies, Inc." MODEL="VT82C596 ISA [Apollo PRO]" TYPE="bridge" BUS="PCI" MODULE="ignore" POS="0" ID="11060596"/>
<DEVICE VENDOR="VIA Technologies, Inc." MODEL="Power Management Controller" TYPE="bridge" BUS="PCI" MODULE="ignore" POS="0" ID="11063050"/>
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