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SubjectRe: Announce: Kernel Build for 2.5, Release 2.4 is available
On Sat, 04 May 2002 23:01:17 +1000, 
Keith Owens <> wrote:
>Release 2.4 of kernel build for kernel 2.5 (kbuild 2.5) is available.
>, package kbuild-2.5, download
>release 2.4.

Extra architecture support added to release 2.4:

kbuild-2.5-ppc-2.5.14-1.bz2 from Paul Mackerras
kbuild-2.5-sparc64-2.5.14-1.bz2 from Tom Duffy
kbuild-2.5-sh-2.5.12-1.bz2 from Greg Banks

Read the start of each patch for special instructions.

kbuild-2.5-core-12.bz2 added to release 2.4

Changes from core-11.

Verify that KBUILD_OBJTREE points to an objtree directory during
make clean/mrproper. Old object trees will get a warning,
echo "must not be empty" > $KBUILD_OBJTREE/_objtree
to mark old objtrees, only needed once.

Change message when switching from normal mode to NO_MAKEFILE_GEN
mode, document why the switch requires additional processing.

Fix standardization of file names in commands.

pp_ programs are compiled with -O2 -NDEBUG=1.

Tune database layout to improve speed, especially for small builds.
The new database format requires and will force a complete rebuild.

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