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SubjectRe: [Evms-announce] [ANNOUNCE] EVMS Release 1.0.1

Andrew Clausen:
>It would be nice if the jfs fsim linked against libjfs, rather than
>exec()ing mkfs & friends.

>(mkfs should be a frontend of libjfs)

As Christoph points out in a later note, libjfs really isn't the complete

>Notice you have no error handling, etc. now?

Do you mean message handling or error reporting. Forking JFS mkfs gives me
just as many return codes as libparted (pass/fail) and other than possibly
some messages, this is all EVMS requires.

>Also, the "total system" seems more complicated now. (For example: how
are you going >to interface the resizer, so you can find out the min/max
sizes, etc?)

I agree that not everything fits well into fork/exec and it was not my
first choice, but it lets the fsim work with existing JFS utilities. When
JFS implements expand (soon) they will have to deal with this.

>Also, while I'm at it: you didn't like my idea for interfacing
>the parted exception system with evms properly? I even wrote the code
>for you (without testing it)... I didn't see a reply to my mail...
>you(s) didn't like it?

Not that we didn't like it, just have way to many things to do.

>BTW: what do you think of how libparted interfaces with libreiserfs?
>There has been a lot of work, and it has all been merged properly now.
>I think EVMS should do something similar. Have a look in

I saw mention that you had done this. Do you actually allow options to be
passed to the reiserfs utils, or is it still limited to defaults. Last
time I looked the APIs in libparted didn't provide for this. Without this
support the whole thing is rather uninteresting to us.



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