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SubjectRe: PATCH & call for help: Marking ISA only drivers
On Thu, May 09, 2002 at 09:51:54PM +0200, Martin Dalecki wrote:
> Uz.ytkownik Andi Kleen napisa?:
> >Hallo,
> >
> >This patch tries to make most ISA only drivers dependent on CONFIG_ISA.
> If only for the fact that it allows you to don't look at archaic
> hardware configuration options makes it a good idea I think.

And often the old drivers do not work anymore anyways...

> >The motivation is that it is a lot of work to get old drivers to compile
> >meaningfully (at least without warnings, not even testing them) on x86-64
> >and a lot of them are obviously not 64bit safe. As it is very unlikely
> >that x86-64 boxes will ever have ISA slots[1] one simple way for that
> >is just removing the old ISA drivers from the configuration.
> >
> >BTW I think CONFIG_ISA would be an useful configuration option for
> >i386 too - at least most modern PCs do not come with ISA slots anymore.
> Plase add mcd and mcdx - CD-ROM drivers. Both of them required
> an special "controller" card, which was indeed ISA based.

I removed the complete drivers/cdrom directory for x86-64 now, as it seems to
contain no PCI code at all. For i386 it can be made dependent on CONFIG_ISA.

Also I did this change for the IDE configuration (assuming that there
are no boxes with no ISA but a VLB slot). I hope this covers all
ISA/VLB only adapters for IDE.

You may want to incorporate it.


--- linux/drivers/ide/ Mon May 6 13:11:47 2002
+++ linux/drivers/ide/ Thu May 9 20:42:45 2002
@@ -131,7 +131,8 @@

- bool ' Other IDE chipset support' CONFIG_IDE_CHIPSETS
+ # assume no ISA -> also no VLB
+ dep_bool ' Other ISA/VLB IDE chipset support' CONFIG_IDE_CHIPSETS CONFIG_ISA
if [ "$CONFIG_IDE_CHIPSETS" = "y" ]; then
comment 'Note: most of these also require special kernel boot parameters'
bool ' ALI M14xx support' CONFIG_BLK_DEV_ALI14XX
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