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    SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.14 IDE 56
    > Make hdX gone and use the scsi device major/minor number stuff instead.
    > And then just making the ATA driver looking like if it where some
    > incapable SCSI would actually reduce tons of code from kudzu and
    > friends without the need for any adjustment there.

    The SCSI layer is significant overhead even in 2.5. Right now for example
    it appears to be the primary bottleneck for the aacraid drivers. ATA6 is
    also more capable than SCSI in several areas regardless of the notional
    market positioning.

    Linus talked about having a /dev/disc/... which once you have 32bit dev_t
    makes complete sense. What you don't do however is throw IDE through the
    SCSI midlayer, you merely make the /dev/disc/ point call into the right
    drivers - be they raid, scsi or ide. That also lets the scsi emulation
    crap get ripped out of the megaraid and aacraid drivers which will up


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