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SubjectRe: Poor NFS client performance on 2.4.18?
Trond Myklebust wrote:
> On Tuesday 7. May 2002 00:05, Dan Yocum wrote:
> > Trond,
> >
> > OK, so backing out the rpc_tweaks dif fixed the performance problem,
> > however, seems to have introduced another problem that appears to be
> > stemming from the seekdir.dif. Attempting to run an app from an IRIX
> > client (that has the 32bitclients option set) freezes the NFS volume - one
> > can't access it from the Linux side, anymore.
> >
> > You can read and write to the NFS volume *before* trying to run something
> > from there, but not after.
> >
> > Ideas?
> That smells like another network driver bug. Have you tcpdumped the traffic
> between client and server?

Ah, that may be the case - the problem also exists with a Linux server as
well... let me check, and I'll let you know.


Dan Yocum
Sloan Digital Sky Survey, Fermilab 630.840.6509,
SDSS. Mapping the Universe.
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