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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.14 IDE 57
At 17:51 07/05/02, Dave Jones wrote:
>On Tue, May 07, 2002 at 03:29:28PM +0100, Anton Altaparmakov wrote:
> > [aia21@drop hda]$ ideinfo
> > bash: ideinfo: command not found
> > Obviously distros haven't caught up with this development. )-:
> > Care to give me a URL? A quick google for "ideinfo Linux download" didn't
> > bring up anything looking relevant.
>Can't find where I got it from, and it seems to have fallen off google.
>I put up the last version I had (which I hacked up a bit) at

Ok, will get that. Someone else emailed me a url and I tried that earlier
on (ages ago it seems) it said version 0.0.4 and it displayed a lot of crap
on a 2.5.14 running kernel. Certainly it bears no resemblance to what
/proc/ide/via has to say and it certainly bears no resemblance to
reality... )-: i hope...

> > >The parsing gunk we have for /proc/ide is fugly, and should have been
> > >done with sysctls from day one imo.
> >
> > I like text parsing.
>must.. resist.. /proc ascii/bin... holywar..
>(besides, sysctl interface gives you ascii in /proc/sys/)

It does indeed (if implemented). Agreed if Martin were to change to sysctl
with /proc interface great, it would just mean /proc/ide becomes
/proc/sys/ide, nothing against that....

> > It is not performance critical and makes info human
> > readable... Whether existing text parsers are any good or not, I don't
> > care, write a better one if you don't like the existing one
>That's likely exactly the reason we ended up with the dungheap we have
>now. Rewriting the parser when we already have a usable sysctl interface
>seems to have no gain over the existing mess to me.

Probably... I agree sysctl is great. I use it in ntfs myself. (-: And i
think the /proc/sys is very nice... And for people who don't like it or who
don;'t compile /proc fs they can use _sysctl...



"I've not lost my mind. It's backed up on tape somewhere." - Unknown
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