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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.14 IDE 57
At 13:34 07/05/02, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>Uz.ytkownik Anton Altaparmakov napisa?:
>>At 12:27 07/05/02, Martin Dalecki wrote:
>>>Tue May 7 02:37:49 CEST 2002 ide-clean-57
>>>Nuke /proc/ide. For explanations why, please see the frustrated comments
>>>in the previous change log.
>>This is a big mistake IMO.
>>Nuking the ability to change settings, fair enough, but only if
>>alternative interface is provided for userspace to tweak everything,
>>otherwise provide the interface before you remove the existing one.
>>(There may be already another interface, I don't know...I am sure someone
>>will tell me if there is!)
>Ehmm... There *is* one interface there. hdparm will help
>you. Note: the upcomming release of hdparm should contain the
>following patch which incearses it's usability vastly to the
>average user. Just for convenience I'm attaching it here.

How do I get this information with hdparm please?

[aia21@drop ide]$ cat via
----------VIA BusMastering IDE Configuration----------------
Driver Version: 3.34
South Bridge: VIA vt82c686b
Revision: ISA 0x40 IDE 0x6
Highest DMA rate: UDMA100
BM-DMA base: 0xd000
PCI clock: 33.3MHz
Master Read Cycle IRDY: 0ws
Master Write Cycle IRDY: 0ws
BM IDE Status Register Read Retry: yes
Max DRDY Pulse Width: No limit
-----------------------Primary IDE-------Secondary IDE------
Read DMA FIFO flush: yes yes
End Sector FIFO flush: no no
Prefetch Buffer: yes no
Post Write Buffer: yes no
Enabled: yes yes
Simplex only: no no
Cable Type: 80w 40w
Transfer Mode: UDMA PIO DMA UDMA
Address Setup: 30ns 120ns 30ns 30ns
Cmd Active: 90ns 90ns 90ns 90ns
Cmd Recovery: 30ns 30ns 30ns 30ns
Data Active: 90ns 330ns 90ns 90ns
Data Recovery: 30ns 270ns 30ns 30ns
Cycle Time: 20ns 600ns 120ns 60ns
Transfer Rate: 99.9MB/s 3.3MB/s 16.6MB/s 33.3MB/s

hdparm is a tool to query a device and how the controller is programmed to
talk to the device. But it is not designed nor capable of giving
information about the host itself. I just read the man page for hdparm and
there are no options in sight to show any of the things I have shown above.

Also the below work as normal user but hdparm requires super user... It is
debateable whether a normal user should be allowed access but still you are
taking away existing functionality...

[aia21@drop hda]$ cat cache
[aia21@drop hda]$ cat capacity
[aia21@drop hda]$ cat geometry
physical 79780/16/63
logical 5005/255/63

And hdparm never gives you the physical geometry AFAICS.

Either I am missing something or you are removing a lot of functionality
and replacing it with nothingness...

And as I said, I can understand removing the ability to write values into
/proc/ide/*, what I disagree with is the removal of the information
provided by read-only access to /proc/ide/*. And that is because I am not
aware of any other way to get the same information.

Best regards,


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