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SubjectRe: [uml-devel] Re: UML is now self-hosting!
On 2002-05-05T07:25:00,
Jeff Dike <> said:

> MOSIX (or Compaq's SSI) would certainly be a way of doing it. It happens
> that there's a particularly simple way of doing it with UML. You'd partition
> UML's 'physical' memory between the hosts, and use the fact that those pages
> are really virtual to fault them between hosts as needed. This would perform
> particularly badly, but its simplicity appeals to me.

An interesting and simple approach indeed; but spreading an instance across
multiple nodes is nowhere as simple as it seems; where do you keep OS data, IO
access, scheduling decisions, inter-node communication in the first place, how
to deal with node failure etc...

However, I believe it could potentially be implemented cleaner than currently
with the Compaq SSI stuff, because the encapsulation is better etc; but I have
been known to be wrong ;-)

It would certainly be very interesting. If you _really_ want to open this can
of worms, you should consider joining linux-cluster mailing list for this, or
the Open Clustering Framework list (because you are going to stumble into the
madness which is "interoperability and lack of standards" here).

Lars Marowsky-Brée <>

Immortality is an adequate definition of high availability for me.
--- Gregory F. Pfister

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