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SubjectRe: 2.5.14 Kernel panic

>You will get more information by showing symbol.
>Use ksymoops or do symbolize virtual address by hand (using ``'').
>``Call Trace'' may be useful.

I boot up linux-2.5.14 to use vga=771 parameter, Now I boot up linux-2.5.14
to unuse vga parameter, then linux-2.5.14 boot up.

>> Call Trace: [<c01ab1a7>] [<c01a96c4>] [<c01a96df>] [<c01747d4>] [<c0177f57>]
>> [<c01a66f1>] [<c0105023>] [<c010553c>]

I extracted Call Trace address( nearly ) from /boot/ Is it OK?

c0104000 T empty_zero_page
c0105000 T _stext
c0105000 T stext
c0105000 t rest_init
c010501c t init
c0105140 T prepare_namespace
c0105220 T thread_saved_pc
c0105230 T disable_hlt
c01745e0 t set_cursor
c0174660 t set_origin
c01746f4 T redraw_screen
c017483c T vc_cons_allocated
c017485c t visual_init
c017493c T vc_allocate
c0177cbc t con_close
c0177cf4 t vc_init
c0177df8 t clear_buffer_attributes
c0177e64 T take_over_console
c0177ff4 T give_up_console
c0178020 t set_vesa_blanking
c017803c t vesa_powerdown
c01a6514 t fb_open
c01a6598 t fb_release
c01a65f0 T register_framebuffer
c01a671c T unregister_framebuffer
c01a67a0 T fb_alloc_cmap
c01a68a4 T fb_copy_cmap
c01a6ae4 T fb_get_cmap
c01a93c4 t fbcon_bmove_rec
c01a9554 t fbcon_switch
c01a971c t fbcon_blank
c01a9938 t fbcon_free_font
c01ab05c T gen_get_cmap
c01ab088 T fbgen_set_cmap
c01ab11c T gen_set_cmap
c01ab1b4 T fbgen_pan_display
c01ab274 T fbgen_do_set_var


Seiichi Nakashima
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