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SubjectRe: tcq problem details Re: vanilla 2.5.13 severe file system corruption experienced follozing e2fsck ...
At 14:18 06/05/02, Jens Axboe wrote:
>On Mon, May 06 2002, Jens Axboe wrote:
> > Agrh, that's a silly bug in blk_queue_init_tags(). Could you replace the
> > memset() of tags->tag_index in there with something ala:
>Brown paper bag time, this should make it work. Linus, please apply.

It now works. (-; running 2.5.14 with ide, tcq, highmem (1G ram), NO
preemption or smp compiled in, seems to be holding up. ran already one loop
of my ntfs stress test without problems. now trying second time...

[aia21@drop aia21]$ sudo cat /proc/ide/ide0/hda/tcq
TCQ currently on: yes
Max queue depth: 32
Max achieved depth: 32
Max depth since last: 4
Current depth: 0
Active tags: [ ]
Queue: released [ 3852 ] - started [ 6539 ]
DMA status: not running


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