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SubjectRe: Tux in main kernel tree? (was khttpd rotten?)
I put MPI in the kernel and got a huge performance advantage from it.  I
think that was a valuable idea and the results show that's definitely the
case. I don't think the argument could ever be made that it belongs in the
main kernel, though. A separate project with a loadable module is
definitely the way to go for these things.

"Keep that out of my kernel" is an old operating system design adage that
isn't paid attention to enough.

} > An httpd server is a *user space* issue, not a kernel issue.
} It's true. But I'd be an idiot if I can improve performance and I don't do it.
} However, if an httpd can be as fast as an kernel space httpd it'd be a bad thing to put it
} in kernel space.
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