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SubjectLimiting disk data transfer rate, Any help greatly appreciated
Hi All,

In my project we have a RAID connected to more than one machine via fibre
channel switch. The RAID bandwidth is shared among machines, some of them
reading data at a high rate (for video streaming) and at lease one machine
writing data into it. Since the raid bandwidth is limited, we would like to
specify how the bandwidth is distributed among machines. This can not be
done either in the FC switch or in the RAID, so my only option right now is
have to specify the available bandwidth and limit the rate at which linux
reads data from the RAID.

I am wondering if there is a way in the linux to specify the maximum
bandwidth that could used with a disk. In other words I am looking for a
driver level implementation that does the throttling when the maximum
bandwidth limit is hit while reading/writing data to/from a disk.

Any help or pointers to possible solutions is greatly appreciated. I am not
on the list, so please CC me with your responses and suggestions.

Thank you all

- Vijay

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