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SubjectRe: UML is now self-hosting!
From said:
> > embedding UML in things like Apache to provide a standard internal
> > development and execution environment
> This is little perverted, right?

Maybe :-)

> What is it good for?

Secure mod_perl - i.e. mod_perl in an Apache that's shared with other web sites

mod_perl in any language supported by Linux

Interactive debugging of your perl on live requests inside a live Apache


The section that's relevant here starts at

There are also some wackier possibilities which I'm not sure are terribly
useful or practical, but would still be interesting to look at, such as:

Treating HTTP requests as processes, so
# ps uax
apache 1120 0.0 0.6 4388 1536 ? S 13:46 0:00 GET / HTTP/1.0
# kill -9 1120
# nice -20 1120

Treating HTTP requests as packets and using Netfilter to manipulate them.


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