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SubjectRe: [BUG] 2.4 VM sucks. Again
> > I don't think Andrew is ready to submit this yet ... before anything
> > gets merged back, it'd be very worthwhile testing the relative
> > performance of both solutions ... the more testers we have the
> > better ;-)
> Cripes no. It's pretty experimental. Andrea spotted a bug, too. Fixed
> version is below.

Works great! This should _definetely_ be merged into the main kernel after
som testing. Without it _all_ other kernels I've tested (2.4.lots) goes OOM
under the mentioned scenarios. This one simply does the job.

> It's possible that keeping the number of buffers as low as possible
> will give improved performance over Andrea's approach because it
> leaves more ZONE_NORMAL for other things. It's also possible that
> it'll give worse performance because more get_block's need to be
> done for file overwriting.

Andrea's patch merely pushed the problem forward. This one fixed it
Roy Sigurd Karlsbakk, Datavaktmester

Computers are like air conditioners.
They stop working when you open Windows.
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