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Subject3dfx framebuffer driver borked in 2.5.19 kernel
The tdfxfb.c framebuffer driver works perfectly for me (apart from the
known problem with the wrong palette for the boot penguin in 16/32bps
colour depth since around kernel 2.4.6) in every kernel version up to and
including 2.5.18. With the port to the new fbdev interface in kernel
2.5.19 the system now only displays a few unchanging coloured pixels
on the first line of the screen. The rest of the screen remains black
until X11 starts. I am using append="video=tdfx:1024x768" in LILO.

Andrew Pam
-- Andrew Pam Chief Scientist, Xanadu Technology Manager, Glass Wings Manager, Serious Cybernetics Donate two cents to our work!
P.O. Box 477, Blackburn VIC 3130 Australia Phone +61 401 258 915
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