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SubjectRe: IDE hotswap
On Tue, 28 May 2002, Marc SCHAEFER wrote:

> I would like to implement real hotswapping support with IDE drives in the
> following setup:

Ok, after a few more searches, and very nice help from a linux-kernel
reader, I found notably a past thread which is full of very interesting

(put 31 instead of 10 if you want the whole thing in one page).

We learn there that:

- someone else tried the module stuff, but failed (I had success)

I have noticed, by creating a simple boot floppy with IDE modules
(ide_mod, ide_disk, ide_probe_mod), that if you remove ide_probe_mod,
replace the disk, and reinsert ide_probe_mod, the disk is detected
correctly (geometry, size, etc) after reinsert or even type

- some chipset support tri-stating the bus (hdparm -b 2), I need
to investigate if this is implemented/works on my hardware. It seems
to work very well especially if you only put one device per bus,
which is my goal.

- some disks can be marked `hotswap' (-x option of hdparam), no idea
what it means yet.

So I am going to investigate in this direction, maybe combining the
tristate with partial re-detection.

(I also got mail asking me to sign before an NDA before telling me
anything, that was a bit stupid. AFAIK saying `doing it without tristating
can fry your hardware' is not patented yet. Maybe it's this world which is
going insane because of patents).

Thank you for your time.

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