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SubjectRe: RT Sigio broken on 2.4.19-pre8
Aaron Sethman wrote:
> > > > > > Using the Dan Kegel's Poller_bench utility I noticed that RT SIGIO is not
> > > > > > working on 2.4.19-pre8. Basically sigtimedwait() is always returning
> > > > > > SIGIO. Note that 2.4.18 works fine.
> > > > > > ... It seems rtsig-nr keeping rising slowly as the system runs.
> > >
> > > That sounds like the way I'm clearing the signal queue is not working.
> > > Here's a minimal test case for clearing the signal queue. Could
> > > you try it and tell me what it says?
> Just tried the corrected version, still passed.

I can't reproduce the problem here.

What version of dkftpbench are you using? What parameters?
Can you send me your kernel .config file?

I did notice and fix an embarassing problem in Poller_bench of
dkftpbench-0.42; it aborted when Poller_sigio sent its initial readiness
notification (it's spurious, but programs are supposed to
be able to handle that). Fix is at

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