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SubjectRe: 2.4 SRMMU bug revisited
> > What kinds of heavy loads? If you were triggering the out of nocache
> > memory BUG, then this patch may help. I fixes a bug where fork fails and
> > calls destroy_context on the parent's mm or more precisely a memcpy'd
> > duplicate of it. In that case when fork returns to the parent, it
> > continuously faults.
> >
> > But if your load does not fork heavily, then this is probably not the
> > problem.
> It seems this is in the bitkeeper tree, so ignore that if you used the
> bitkeeper tree. However I'd still like to know what sort of loads are
> causing you problems.

Jup, I used the bk tree.

while [ ! "$i" = "$n" ]; do
echo test|mail -s test user@targetmachine
i=$(expr $i + 1)

targetmachine (running sendmail) goes down in under 20 seconds.

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