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SubjectRE: [Lse-tech] Re: [RFC] Dynamic percpu data allocator
Thanks, when I ment CPU local memory on SMP, I ment CPU cache.
Sorry for the confusion. I think your dynamic allocator makes


|On Fri, May 24, 2002 at 02:08:50PM +0530, BALBIR SINGH wrote:
|> Sure, I understand what you are talking about now. That makes a lot
|> of sense, I will go through your document once more and read it.
|> I was thinking of the two combined (allocating CPU local memory
|> for certain data structs also includes allocating one copy per CPU).
|> Is there a reason to delay the implementation of CPU local memory,
|> or are we waiting for NUMA guys to do it? Is it not useful in an
|> SMP system to allocate CPU local memory?
|In an SMP system, the entire memory is equidistant from the CPUs.
|So, any memory that is exclusively accessed by once cpu only
|is CPU-local. On a NUMA machine however that isn't true, so
|you need special schemes.
|The thing about one-copy-per-cpu allocator that I describe is that
|it interleaves per-cpu data to save on space. That is if you
|allocate per-cpu ints i1, i2, it will be laid out in memory like this -
| CPU #0 CPU#1
| --------- --------- Start of cache line
| i1 i1
| i2 i2
| . .
| . .
| . .
| . .
| . .
| --------- ---------- End of cache line
|The per-cpu copies of i1 and i2 for CPU #0 and CPU #1 are allocated from
|different cache lines of memory, but copy of i1 and i2 for CPU #0 are
|in the same cache line. This interleaving saves space by avoiding
|the need to pad small data structures to cache line sizes.
|This essentially how the static per-cpu data area in 2.5 kernel
|is laid out in memory. Since copies for CPU #0 and CPU #1 for
|the same variable are on different cache lines, assuming that
|code that accesses "this" CPU's copy will not result in cache line
|bouncing. On an SMP machine, I can allocate the cache lines
|for different CPUs, where the interleaved data structures are
|laid out, using the slab allocator. On a NUMA machine however,
|I would want to make sure that cache line allocated for this
|purpose for CPU #N is closest possible to CPU #N.
|Dipankar Sarma <>
|Linux Technology Center, IBM Software Lab, Bangalore, India.
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