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SubjectRe: [Linux-usb-users] Re: What to do with all of the USB UHCI drivers in the kernel?
Uz.ytkownik Greg KH napisa?:

> Anyway, here's the documentation that you need:
> The module usb-ohci is now gone. Use ohci-hcd instead.
> The people with UHCI controllers have a big more documentation to read:
> The module uhci is now gone. If you used this module, use
> uhci-hcd instead. The module usb-uhci is now gone. If you used
> this module, use usb-uhci-hcd instead. If you have a preference
> over which UHCI module works better for you, please email
> your comments, as one of these modules will be
> going away in the near future.

Thank's that is explaining it.
But I would have loved it if it appeared with + in front in
the patch somewhere. That's the only true problem I had.

BTW.> usb-ohci seems to be a more reasonable name, since
it tells me directly - hey buddy I'm USB the -hcd doen't
tell me anything in addition and is entierly redundant, or
is there a ohci.o module there?

And why not just doing the following.

1. Rename usb-ohci to usb-ohci-old

2. Rename ohci-hcd to usb-ohci

Much less grief and guessing what happens :-).

Just a suggestion.

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