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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.17 /dev/ports
> Anybody: if you've ever used /dev/ports, holler _now_.
> Linus

I often use it as an alternative to #include <asm/io.h>,
which you decreed illegal. I understand <sys/io.h> is a legal
alternative, but a bunch of platforms forget to
include <sys/io.h>, for instance Jes cried bloody murder
when asked to add it to ia-64. But if you decide to drop /dev/port
I can tough it out. Solaris lives without it, and so can we.

I saw this whining about outl not implemented for
write(fd, &my_int, 4), and I think the guy had a little point.
Though if he wanted it, he ought to submit a patch.

-- Pete
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