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    SubjectRe: Orinoco Wireless driver bugs in 2.5.17
    On Wed, May 22, 2002 at 07:24:37PM +0100, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > Alan,
    > > Could you be more precise and point out which kernel start
    > > failing ?
    > Certainly in 2.4.18 (and I've seen a pile of other similar reports).

    Ah, bugger.

    > > If I remember properly my debug session with Alan (that was a
    > > long while ago), the COR reset was screwing up the firmware (well, how
    > > many time did I told you to not make it mandatory ?).
    > Long time ago -its been behaving well until fairly recently
    > > Alan has an old Compaq card (the Intersil PrismII variety, not
    > > the new Lucent one) and his firmware is probably not very fresh.
    > Oldish firmware definitely. The newer driver finds the card registers
    > it but fails on all tx/rx and reports no signal and noise of
    > 130/150 or so (as opposed to db). Flipping back to the older kernel it
    > works happily.

    The signal/noise bit is probably a red herring. We have problems with
    the reporting of this, but it's mostly cosmetic. I seem to have
    confusing and contradictory information about how to interpret the
    values the firmware reports.

    > Any specific info/debug/traces that would help ?

    Specific error messages on Tx/Rx and also the firmware version as
    reported on module load would be very helpful.

    David Gibson | For every complex problem there is a | solution which is simple, neat and
    | wrong. -- H.L. Mencken
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