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SubjectRe: Linux crypto?
> I noticed that Motorola has published a set of tech
> docs for their S1-range of crypto co-processors, which
> look pretty comprehensive. (The 190 looks to be a very
> nice chip, which -as best as I can tell- just plugs
> straight onto a PCI bus.) Other co-pro manufacturers
> (such as HIFN) seem to also have humungous tech
> manuals for their crypto chips.
> Is anyone working on drivers for these beasties?

You might want to check on the apache and openssl lists. A lot of
crypto drivers are handled from userspace directly or with modules
that don't hit the base kernel.

> Given the ipfilter design, would there be any way to
> use those chips as an additional networking layer?
> (And, just as importantly, would there be any point?)

Some of that probably can be offloaded. You'd need code (preferably in
the user tools) that can compute if a given path through the ipchains
rules is expressable in the hardware and if so to enable it. In terms
of things like flow control and other magic try Dave
and Jamal get very excited when they talk about NAPI but it just makes
my head hurt 8)

> Ignoring, for a second, the US export laws (which are
> no longer an issue, anyway), is there some fundamental
> reason why the IKP seems to be ignored? If there is,
> then does anyone know of any re-design/re-write
> effort?

What of it do you actually need in kernel space - encrypted file systems
certainly ought to be there but are not very well handled in Linux proper
right now - but anything else ?

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