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SubjectRe: [PATCH] 2.5.17 /dev/ports
Uz.ytkownik Alan Cox napisa?:
>>I'm waiting on Phil Blundell to notice - I think /dev/port may get used
>>on ARM to emulate inb() and outb() from userspace; I don't look after
>>glibc so shrug.
>>I agree however that /dev/port is a rotten interface that needs to go.
> The /dev/port interface is used by various apps and its a traditional
> x86 in paticular unix thing. For platforms like ARM its poorly implemented

Erm... unix thing? I see it only in Linux...
BTW. Just recently someone has found out that it is indeed
*poorly* implemented.

> since it ought to turn into a fraction of /dev/mem and support mmap for
> speedier user space in/out emulation..

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