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SubjectRe: i2c-old.h missing in 2.5.15-2.5.16
Hi Alan.

Thanks for your email.
Alan Cox wrote:
> > Noticed that while trying to compile 2.5.15 and 2.5.16, then some of the drivers
> > (forgot which - maybe i2c-something it self) requires existence of linux/i2c-old.h,
> > but linux/i2c-old.h seems to have been excluded. Adding linux/i2c-old.h enables
> > a succesfull compiling of the kernel, but maybe it was left out intentionally.
> i2c-old has been scheduled for removal for two years and has now gone. Port
> the drivers using it to the newer i2c code. Its not too tricky. Compare the
> 2.2 and current saa5249.c for a worked example

Turned out that I didn't have the right hardware after all and since I'm
busy trying to integrate OSS codecs to replace patented MPEG-4 codecs
for streaming and since I understood from an email from Albert Cranford
that he's looking into it, I'll trust him to do a better job than I
probably can.

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