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SubjectRe: O_DIRECT on 2.4.19pre8aa2 md device
At 05:51 PM 21/05/2002 +0200, Andrea Arcangeli wrote:
>In any real usage where I/O is combined with CPU and mem bus utilization
>for computations, not only to move data from disk to userspace memory
>O_DIRECT is an _huge_ win as you found out. You have 100000 more usable
>ticks for computations over 150000 total ticks.

no disagreement there.

however, there is still an enormous difference between
access-/dev/sdX-via-block-layer and access-dev/sdX-via-mmap (127mbyte/sec
versus 175+mbyte/sec) that for many "disk intensive" applications is a huge

if we _could_ produce superior performance with something like:
(a) additional improvements to O_DIRECT (say, a mmap() hack for O_DIRECT)
whereby i/o can go direct-to-userspace or
(b) O_DIRECT with async-i/o
(c) /dev/rawN-like interface (eg. /dev/directN) within a fixed disk
buffer in kernel
(eg. physical memory allocated at bootup) that is populated readonly into
would such a hack be accepted in the 2.5 tree?

it sure isn't your "average desktop" setup where you hit these things as
performance limitations, but many folk (myself included) have very specific
applications which are essentially bottlenecked on PC hardware
limitations. these limitations are a side-effect of how the linux kernel
that doesn't mean that other OSes don't suffer from the same thing -- since
no-other mainstream OS does the right thing, that doesn't mean that we
cannot make linux even better.

obviously, many of the above would only be suitable for disk-read
operations and less-so for disk-write -- but its probably easier to tackle
these one by one.



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