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Subject[PATCH] 2.5.17 IDE 65
Wed May 15 15:04:58 CEST 2002 ide-clean-65:

- Apply cleanup of host chip drivers by Bartomiej Zonierkiewicz:

affected drivers - aec62xx.c, alim15x3.c, cmd64x.c, hpt34x.c, sis5513.c

new tuning scheme (wip) part 1:
- introduce ratemask()
- use ata_timing_mode()
- use ide_config_drive_speed() return value

forward port from convert.10:
- support for AEC6280, AEC6280R
- misc cleanups

I had to fix a small typo in sis5513 code...

- Add a new entry for an old VIA cell hiding as something new.
(Pointed out by Kees Bakker.)

- Make the synchronization token active resident on the same level as the
spin lock. They interact with each other until the generic queue handling
gets sanitized to not attach hardware properties like the hard sector size
to the queue entities. This is a design mistake in ll_rw_blk biting everybody
out there.

- Synchronize with linux-2.5.17.

- HPT366 driver typo fix by Andries Brouwer.

- Export udma_tcq_enable() symbol right now. The blk_get_request() is undefined
as well.

Time for a patch round.
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