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Subject[PATCH] buffermem_pages removal (4/5)
This is the most discussion-worthy patch of the series:  Change the
meaning of si_meminfo->bufferram from "all pages in pagecache
backed by block devices" to "all pages in pagecache".

In the header/manpage is is documented as "Memory used by buffers",
but as the buffercache is gone I think the new meaning fits the
intention from pre-pagecache days much better.

--- 1.57/mm/page_alloc.c Sun May 5 18:56:08 2002
+++ edited/mm/page_alloc.c Tue May 21 14:27:32 2002
@@ -608,7 +608,7 @@
val->totalram = totalram_pages;
val->sharedram = 0;
val->freeram = nr_free_pages();
- val->bufferram = atomic_read(&buffermem_pages);
+ val->bufferram = get_page_cache_size();
val->totalhigh = totalhigh_pages;
val->freehigh = nr_free_highpages();
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