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Subject2.5.X: intermezzo compile errors
Are people actually using the intermezzo fs with recent 2.5.X kernels?
The compile has been broken for quite some time due to the following:

(1) linux/include/linux/intermezzo_psdev.h: ISLENTO() define references
a "p_pptr" structure member that has been replaced by "parent".

(2) In the 2.5.5 timeframe, the "i_zombie" member of "struct inode"
went away, and most of the filesystem code was modified accordingly.
The intermezzo fs never got "the treatment" as far as I can tell.
Affected source files are linux/fs/intermezzo/vfs.c and dir.c.

(3) linux/fs/intermezzo/super.c: no "read_super" structure member.

(4) linux/fs/intermezzo/psdev.c: syntax error (missing brace) causes
numerous compilation errors. After adding the missing brace,
there's still a problem with the third arg of lento_mknod() at
line 773.

If there's an intermezzo patch set somewhere, I'm sure someone will
point me to it :-).

Bob Tracy WTO + WIPO = DMCA?
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