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Subjectext3 assertion failure and oops, 2.4.18
I can reliably reproduce an assertion failure and oops in ext3 by simply
restarting cyrus21, if directories used by cyrus have +j flag set with
chattr. Filesystem was mounted with default journalling mode data=orderded,
kernels tested were 2.4.18 and 2.4.19-pre3-ac4. Recent -pre or -ac kernels
wouldn't compile with my .config.

Assertion failure in journal_revoke() at revoke.c:330:
"!(__builtin_constant_p(BH_Revoked) ? constant_test_bit((BH_Revoked),(
&bh->b_state)) : variable_test_bit((BH_Revoked),( &bh->b_state)))"

I'll capture whole oops if requested.

I found two similar cases from lkml archives, but they were left
unresponded (atleast lkml wasn't cc'ed). I couldn't judge from changelogs if
this problem has been already fixed.

Antti Salmela
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