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SubjectRe: your mail
>>>>> On Thu, 16 May 2002 21:24:10 +0530 (IST), Sanket Rathi <> said:

Sanket> No actually i don't want that for DMA it is for diffrent
Sanket> requirment. actually in our device there is a page table in
Sanket> device which have virtual to physical address translation we
Sanket> save virtual address in device and corresponding physical
Sanket> address. but we can store only upto 44 bit information of
Sanket> virtual address thats why i want that.

Sanket> Can you help me in this

There is no way to limit virtual memory to 44 bits. I don't know how
your device works, but just fyi: ia64 divides the address space into 8
equal-sized regions and user space applications tend to use at least
two regions (2 for text and 3 for data/stack). This means that even
with the smallest page size, you'll have to take virtual address bits
61-63 into account.

Hope this helps,

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