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SubjectRE: Memory corruption when running VMware. (was File curruption when running VMware)
> Hi Petr, Andrea,
> I have been trying different kernel configurations to
> overcome this problem. I found that turning on APIC seem to
> work properly. However turning on IO-APIC causes it to hang
> just after X is started, which seems to be during the startup
> of gdm.
An added note is that with Local APIC on and IO-APIC off,
I am able to start the system up, but swtiching from X to a virtual
console during a session, as well as during shutdown, causes the system
to hang. There are no error messages that I can find.
Does anyone know the cause of the problem?

Recap of my system:
CPU: P4 2.0A 2.0GHz
RAM: 4x256MB RDRAM PC800
MB: ASUS P4-TE firmware:1005
Intel i850
Disk: IBM Deskstar 120GXP 80GB
Graphics: ATI 7500 OEM

Distri: RedHat 7.2
Kernel: 2.4.18
X: Xfree 4.2.0
glibc: 2.2.4-19.3


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