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SubjectRe: MTRR problem in 2.4.7+ on Athlon+VIA? XFree86 can't write-combine
> (WW) NV(0): Failed to set up write-combining range (0xd4000000,0x800000)
> to XFree86.0.log. XFree86 works, but things like MPEG playback seem a
> bit slow.

Thats more likely because the Nv driver doesn't support Xv or Xvmc
extensions, which most other drivers have and give you nice accelerated
overlay/colourspace/scaling for video playback.

> I assume this is because cat /proc/mtrr looks like this before X starts:
> reg00: base=0x00000000 ( 0MB), size= 128MB: write-back, count=1
> reg01: base=0xd0000000 (3328MB), size= 128MB: uncachable, count=1
> From reading the mtrr doco I gather that because 0xd0000000 + 128mb is
> already set up as an uncachable range, "nv" can't set up 0xd4000000 +
> 8mb as write-combining.

You can tweak the ranges yourself, deleting the uncachable one and putting
it back as two ranges

> I've searched all through the 2.4.7-10 source code and can't see
> anything that I'm using that explicitly asks for MTRR_TYPE_UNCACHABLE,
> so I'm a bit perplexed. I've had a good look around the web and

The BIOS sets them up for you

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