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    SubjectRe: AUDIT: copy_from_user is a deathtrap.

    On Sun, 19 May 2002, Rusty Russell wrote:
    > Huh? No, you ask for 2000 bytes into a buffer that can only take 1000
    > bytes without hitting an unmapped page, returning EFAULT or giving a
    > SIGSEGV is perfectly acceptable.

    Bzzt, wrong answer.

    Partial reads/writes are perfectly possible and non-buggy for any system
    that uses variations of mmap/mprotect to implement user-level memory
    management, for example persistant data-bases, garbage collection etc.

    Which means that if half of a buffer used for "read()" just happens to be
    marked non-writable for some GC purpose, the kernel HAS to have the
    ability return the right answer (which in this case is to say "I could
    only read 1000 bytes"). Because anything else just doesn't give the GC
    library (or whatever) any way to recover nicely.

    > As a coder, I'd *really* prefer that to hiding the bug!

    Rusty, face it, you're wrong on this one. Just drop it.


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