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SubjectRe: [PATCH] #2 VIA Rhine stalls: TxAbort handling

> [1] "aborted due to excessive collisions" according to the doc, but it also
> mentions that for "excessive collisions", bit 13 would have to be set.
> It isn't.
> (I have seen it on my VT6102, though, with interrupt status of 0x2008
> for instance)

bit 13 = IntrTxAborted
I don't see it below.

/* Enable interrupts by setting the interrupt mask. */
writew(IntrRxDone | IntrRxErr | IntrRxEmpty| IntrRxOverflow| IntrRxDropped|
IntrTxDone | IntrTxAbort | IntrTxUnderrun | IntrPCIErr | IntrStatsMax |
IntrLinkChange | IntrMIIChange, ioaddr + IntrEnable);

Interrupts referenced in the driver and not listed here are: IntrRxNoBuf,
IntrRxWakeUp, IntrTxAborted

Interrupts included here but not used in the driver are:
IntrRxOverflow, IntrRxDropped.

I've known about this for a while but I wasn't sure how to fix everything...
I wasn't sure if every interrupt was handled correctly.
For example what exactly is the difference between IntrTxAbort and

I was also puzzled as to why the docs say:
Transmit Descriptor Underflow for IntrMIIChange

I am talking about the newest VT86C100A docs.
I believe Urban Widmark had a patch that redefined that interrupt but it was
never included.

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