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SubjectRe: Question : Broadcast Inter Process Communication ?
Hi Jean,

Jean Tourrilhes <> writes:

> I was looking under Linux for a mechanism to distribute an
> event from one process (a daemon) to a set of other processes (deamons
> or applications). The number and indentity of those other processes
> would not be known by the process generating the event, those
> processes would register themselves dynamically to the stream of
> event. And the event need to be delivered to all of them (not only the
> first one).
> In other words, it would look like a *broadcast* message
> queue, where the sender process would create the queue and write
> events to it, and the other bunch of processes would dynamically open
> the queue and listen for events.


> This "one sender - multiple reader" model seems common and
> usefull enough that there must be a way to do that under Linux. I know
> that it exist under Windows. Can somebody help me to find out how to
> do it under Linux ?

Maybe, you're looking for multicast. But you need a TCP/IP stack for
this and I don't know, wether this is implemented in Linux.

Regards, Olaf.
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